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October 2018
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Showtime for Reinforcements in Cuban Baseball

Six games are still pending to define the final positions of the best eight teams of the 53rd Cuban Baseball National Series, and the order to choose the reinforcements. Industriales and Villa Clara will celebrate three unfinished encounters vs. Las Tunas, Granma, Mayabeque, Matanzas and Pinar del Rio to complete the 45 game-schedule. So far, [...] Continue reading

Cuban Baseball: an Inside Look at Sancti Spiritus

When the 53rd Cuban Series ends on Sunday its qualifying stage, Sancti Spiritus baseball club, known as Los Gallos (Roosters), will be writing one of its most sad pages in history. However, not everyone is aware of that and assume the same indifference with which they went to the field many times. Escambray invited the [...] Continue reading

“Cepeda’s Homeruns are not enough for Sancti Spiritus to Win”

Through well known paths we enter the world of Frederich Cepeda Cruz, after 17 seasons marked by successes, injuries, contradictions…However, one must be very careful with the athlete. Loquacious and undisturbed, he measures with pinpoint accuracy every sentence with that evidence of diplomacy that he has learned to master. Sancti Spiritus leftfielder does not say [...] Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Loses Second Subseries at 53rd Cuban Baseball Season

Sancti Spiritus lost the subseries vs. Pinar del Rio 2×1 and is currently placed 13th in the general standings of the 53rd Cuban Baseball National Season with a 3-6 record. With scores 3×2, 4×0 and a favorable 3×1, the baseball team from Sancti Spiritus, known as Roosters, ended the three-game series vs. Pinar del Rio [...] Continue reading

Roosters Won Subseries vs. Indians in Opening of the 53 Season

Sancti Spiritus baseball club won its first challenge of the 53rd Cuban Baseball National Season by conquering two of the three games held in Guantanamo. Tuesday game meant the first loss for Yovani Aragon players who had beaten their rivals twice, on Sunday and Monday, with scores 6×5 and 4×0 respectively. The last of the [...] Continue reading

Cuban Baseball: Sancti Spiritus Club Ready for Upcoming Season

A highly renovated team will be the presentation card of  Sancti Spiritus Roosters in the upcoming 53rd Cuban Baseball National Season. Eight newcomers will prove themselves in a squad led by Yunier Mendoza and driven by men with national and international experience such as Frederich Cepeda, Eriel Sanchez and Ismel Jimenez. The men behind the [...] Continue reading

53rd Cuban Baseball Season: Roosters Open vs. Indians

Far away from their home, in the Nguyen Van Troi park, the baseball players from Sancti Spiritus will start the 53rd Cuban Baseball National Season facing Guantanamo’s Indians on Nov. 3. According to the schedule released last week,  Sancti Spiritus Roosters‘ second series will take them to Santa Clara, where they will confront the current [...] Continue reading

Yovani Aragon: “So far, I’m Sancti Spiritus’s Manager”

Accepting he lost a battle but not a war, Yovani Aragon assumes his first experience as manager and ensures he is willing to go on. Cuba’s 52nd Baseball Season has come to an end. The orange color of its champion “touched” Sancti Spiritus for its geographic proximity and for the historic bonds with glorious team [...] Continue reading

Cepeda: “Being on the bench makes me feel powerless”

One more time injuries get between Frederich Cepeda Cruz and playoffs. The most recent of them: a luxation of the left hand’s third finger tendon got him out of the 52nd Baseball National Season. “I was trying to attack the ball and then I did what we call a “half swing” over a high-level throw, [...] Continue reading

2013 Playoff: Crocodiles Tied Actions vs. Roosters

Opportune offense, excelent pitching and accurate defensive led Matanzas to another victory in the semifinals of the 52 Cuban Baseball National Season, tying the subseries to two wins for each province. The group of players guided by Victor Mesa, also manager of the national squad, defeated Sancti Spiritus 3×1, with starter Jorge Alberto Martinez, second [...] Continue reading

Yulieski Leads Sancti Spiritus to Second Victory

After two suspensions due to rainy days, the euphoria seemed to have weakened in Sancti Spiritus as playoff actions restored on Wednesday. Matanzas came to the game with great expectations and took the initiative by taking out of the box the candidate of Rookie of the year, 19 years old Norge Luis Ruiz, and Crocodiles [...] Continue reading

Rain Delays Playoff Subseries between Roosters and Crocodiles

May rains affected the continuation of the 2013 postseason games between Sancti Spiritus and Matanzas in the Jose Antonio Huelga Stadium. Should cloudy Tuesday allow it, actions will resume at 8:15 pm (local time) as Roosters are to take profit of their home condition to try getting a second victory vs. Victor Mesa’s brave Crocodiles. [...] Continue reading

2013 Playoffs: Sancti Spiritus’s Manager Defies Ghosts

Surveys on the streets confirm that aura of skepticism that usually rounds the prelude of the baseball postseason in Cuba. For 10 years fans have been left with the desire to obtain the title. For seven seasons, Sancti Spiritus has not reach a medal (bronze was the last) and its instability along with its “not [...] Continue reading

Sancti Spiritus Included in the Best Four Teams

The baseball team from the province must consolidate its game if it is to fight for the title. After five seasons out of the elite, Sancti Spiritus’s Gallos (Roosters) are back in the game again, and are already included among the best four teams of Cuban baseball, and that’s what really matters. So far only [...] Continue reading

Roosters Visit Isla de la Juventud with Semifinals on Target

Sancti Spiritus faces Isla de la Juventud as visitor in search of the second qualifying position for the semifinals. After losing its 4 last subseries vs. Villa clara, Ciego de Avila, Cienfuegos and Matanzas, in all cases 2×1, Sancti Spiritus’s Roosters go to Isla de la Juventud to win the game that will qualify them [...] Continue reading

Cuban Baseball: Yulieski Gourriel in a Blue Uniform?

The possible inclusion of Sancti Spiritus third-baseman in Industriales’ roster, historical rival of Los Gallos (Roosters), has raised a controversy in the baseball panorama in Cuba. In the center of the media storm, Yuli (his baseball nickname) agrees to talk to Escambray. Just a few days ago, in front of the National TV cameras, Yulieski [...] Continue reading
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