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February 2020
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With the fury or reaching beyond the limits

Camagüey.- Yipsi Moreno finds it hard to talk about her glories. And not only because the modesty constitutes practically her second nature. Even if she try to gather dates, catalogue medals... the memory would have to do a great effort to sum up the long history of victories that her sports major has represented.

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Viyo Odelín: “I work for the people who know about baseball”

Camagüey.- Days goes by... but the bitter memory that left the performance of Villa Clara in the recent Series of the Caribbean still persists painfully in the memory of many lovers of the baseball. Without doubts, it was a gray tournament that served to demonstrate how distant Cuba is from the real world, from the real baseball. Continue reading

Odelín faces the world, for all

Camagüey.- It turns out to be easy to say it, much more to transform it into lines on the paper: "Cuba defeats two for one to Puerto Rico”. Nevertheless, words are not enough to describe the events this Tuesday, to put in its right place the performance of Vicyohandri Odelín in the nine most important chapters of all his history. Continue reading

Golden year… again

camagueyan boxingCamagüey.- It is true, it is already a custom: the Camagueyan boxing always fulfills. But neither turns out to be less true the validity and justice of its victories. Not in vain these men obtained the title of better sport of the province during 2013. Over a hundred of medals?108, to be exact? endorse them.

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Camagüeyan basketball to a step of the final

Captain Yordanis Jaca was this Tuesday again the commander of the Camagüeyan team with 21 points. Camagüey.- “We were winning for eight points and we lost the advantage, they put themselves ahead for twelve and the same happened to them; in the end, we fought back again and took the victory 78-68, to confirm that Monday was not a coincidence”. Briefly this way Camagüey could sum up the match of this Tuesday, the second consecutive success of the Tigers in a subseries which history nobody could have predicted. Continue reading

After the Farewell of the Legend

Mario-VegaMario Jorge Vega Rodríguez leaves, with his retirement, one of the most fruitful careers starred by an Avilanian player in the history of the Baseball National Series (BNS) . After 21 years in the baseball elite of the country, the fielder of the Tigers registered records never achieved before by a second base man in Cuba.
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National champion… in province

Camagüey.- Karol came to the world of the fencing for an unusual route. “I was accustomed to go to the School for Sports Initiation because my mother works there. One day, being in fifth grade, the teacher Yudel Ocaña saw me and asked my mom if I was practicing some sport, since I was very high”. Continue reading
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