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Daily Archives: September 13, 2013

Inaugurados en Venezuela XIX Juegos Deportivos Nacionales Juveniles

13 de septiembre de 2013, 22:58Caracas, 13 sep (PL) El mandatario venezolano, Nicolás Maduro, inauguró hoy en el Estadio Brígido Iriarte de Caracas los XIX Juegos Deportivos Nacionales Juveniles, en los que participarán hasta el próximo 27 de septiembre más de seis mil atletas de unas 40 disciplinas.

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Yosvany Alarcón: “I’ve Changed for the Better”

Yosvani Alarcón: I'm working very hard in all aspects, especially on defense.For Yosvany Alarcón, the time he was out of the baseball field seemed almost like a century. The incident involving a referee at the beginning of the 52nd National Series earned him a penalty that ended his season and kept him away from his second home for many years.

Back in the team, the international catcher claims to have very clear ideas and goals.

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Los Dodgers de Los Ángeles tras Alexander Guerrero


También estarían interesados en los servicios del pelotero cubano los Mellizos de Minnesota y los Bravos de Atlanta.


También estarían interesados en los servicios del pelotero cubano los Mellizos de Minnesota y los Bravos de Atlanta.

El periodista Steve Dilbeck de Los Angeles Times afirma que un nuevo desertor cubano se encuentra en el "radar" del equipo de Grandes Ligas los Dodgers de Los Ángeles. Se trata del jugador de cuadro Alexander Guerrero, quien cumplirá 27 años en diciembre y del que se informó prematuramente en julio pasado que los Dodgers lo habían firmado por $32 millones y siete años.

Dilbeck señala que un reciente informe indica que la Oficina de Control de Activos Extranjeros de Estados Unidos ha dado el visto bueno para que Guerrero, que radica en República Dominicana, juegue en las Grandes Ligas.

Según el especialista, Guerrero puede firmar con cualquier equipo profesional estadounidense, y agrega, que los Mellizos de Minnesota y los Bravos de Atlanta estarían también interesados en conseguir sus servicios.

Guerrero no juega desde la temporada 2011 en Cuba, donde se desempeñaba como campocorto, pero la mayoría de los informes de los scouts o busca talentos indican que sería una buena segunda base en las Grandes Ligas, aunque necesitaría tiempo para adaptarse a una nueva posición.

Fuente: Martí

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Cuba Denies Contacts with Mexican Professional Baseball Team


The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) denied having contacts with representatives of the Mexican professional club Cañeros of the Monchis, which supposedly came to the island to scout Cuban players.


The Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) denied having contacts with representatives of the Mexican professional club Cañeros of the Monchis, which supposedly came to the island to scout Cuban players.

“We have not had any contact with agents of any professional team,” said the president of the FCB, Higinio Velez, reports dpa news.

The announcement comes nearly two months after the island authorized its players to sign with professional teams overseas under specific conditions.

In recent days the arrival in Cuba of several executives of Cañeros of the Monchis, of Mexico’s Pacific League, had been rumored, in order to “observe and sign” Cuban players ahead of the 2013-2014 season in Mexico noted Prensa Latina.

Cuba banished professional sports a few years after the triumph of Fidel Castro’s revolution in 1959.

In recent times, however, the island has taken steps to partially resume participation in professional sports, for example by joining this year’s semi-pro World Series of Boxing of the International Amateur Boxing Association.

In July, the FCB authorized the signing of baseball players on the island to professional clubs abroad with the aim of “inserting Cuban baseball in the world.”

Shortly afterwards the Cuban authorities allowed the signing of Alfredo Despaigne, Michel Enriquez and Yordanis Samon by the Mexican team Campeche Pirates .

Velez said the incorporation of new Cubans to professional teams is temporarily suspended.

“The possible inclusion of Cuban players in professional leagues is deferred to a later date as we analyze the experiences of the presence of Cubans last season on the team Campeche Pirates”, Velez told Prensa Latina.

In June, Cuba announced its return in 2014 to the Caribbean Series baseball tournament after a half century absence. The Cubans had dominated the event until they retired in 1961.

The abolition of professional sport in socialist Cuba favored amateur competitions enhanced to make the island an Olympic power in various disciplines.

In contrast, many Cuban boxers, baseball players and other athletes often take advantage trips abroad to defect and seek to build a future as professionals.

Under President Raul Castro the island is immersed for years in a gradual opening process that incorporates elements of a market economic model to one marked by decades of state monopoly.

Source: Havana

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New Cuban defector Alexander Guerrero on Dodgers’ radar


Cuban shortstop Alexander Guerrero goes through an array of fielding and hitting drills.


Cuban shortstop Alexander Guerrero goes through an array of fielding and hitting drills.

There’s another Cuban baseball star available, and guess who is supposed to be the front-runner to sign him?

He is infielder Alexander Guerrero, and if that name sounds vaguely familiar it’s because there were premature reports back in July that the Dodgers had signed him to seven-year, $32-million deal.

Guerrero had reportedly defected from Cuba to the Dominican Republic, but the immediate problem was he had not been cleared by the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Now comes word he has been cleared and can sign with any team, depending on the report, either this week or any minute. The Twins and Braves are also reportedly pursuing him.

Since second baseman Mark Ellis is 36 and in the final year of his guaranteed contract (the club holds an option for 2014) and third baseman Juan Uribe is 34 and in the last season of his deal, and with no one quite ready to make the jump from the minors yet, the Dodgers could use another infielder.

And given that the Dodgers have enjoyed such great success in signing Yasiel Puig, maybe you’re all giddy at the Dodgers signing another Cuban defector.

There's reason to at least give the Dodgers pause, however.

Guerrero will turn 27 in December, and if previous reports about his contract are close, that’s not only a lot of money but a long time to give someone unproven in the majors. Puig was 21 when he signed his $42-million deal.

Plus, Guerrero has not played since the 2011 season. He reportedly lacked the “motivation” to play last season after being left off Cuba’s World Cup team, though Cuba tends to leave off players who try to defect. There’s no knowing for certain what’s gone on there. He showed up in the Dominican in January, so he’s also had to sit out this season while waiting clearance.

But if the Dodgers actually have been able to scout him, and believe in him, $32 million is still light years away from what it would cost to sign a Robinson Cano in the off-season.

Guerrero has primarily been a shortstop in Cuba, but most reports peg him as a second baseman in the majors. Still, there has to be some transition time to fully learn a new position.

The one thing the Dodgers have, of course, is money. Until they are confident that the farm system has been restocked, they have shown great willingness to spend to fortify the current roster.

If it’s something of a gamble, their history and current situation, indicates they’ll make it.


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Revelan fecha de apertura de Campeonato Cubano de Béisbol 2013-2014

13 de septiembre de 2013, 19:28Por Yasiel Cancio Vilar

La Habana, 13 sep (PL) El día inaugural del Campeonato Cubano de béisbol dejó de ser una incógnita, tras conocerse hoy que la primera pelota será lanzada el 3 de noviembre en el estadio Augusto César Sandino, hogar del Villa Clara, actual campeón nacional.

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¿Gallos sin retaguardia?

Las preocupaciones sobre el futuro de los Gallos comienzan a rondar con fuerza en valla espirituana. La declinación previsible de la curva de rendimiento de parte de la mejor de las generaciones beisboleras, la partida de tres de los hombres de la alineación regular de la última versión y las interrogantes sobre los posibles suplentes [...] Continue reading
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